Meet Our Director

Amanda V. Penuela

Ms. Penuela is a graduate of Delaware State University, with a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education / Exceptional (birth through second grade). She has been in Child for over 18 years.

The day to day operations of Mom’s House of Dover are lead by our Program Director, Amanda Penuela. Reporting to the Board of Directors, she is responsible for all routine day care operations.

Amanda leads a team of professional, paid caregivers along with a group of volunteers.

Staffing is comprised of the Director, Lead Caregivers, Assistant Caregivers and Volunteers.

In addition to day care, Mom’s House provides a variety of other services to the parent, including tutoring and assistance with homework when necessary, counseling in life skills, parenting techniques and nutrition.

Refer all routine questions (302) 678-8688 or email at