In 1994, Father Thomas Hanley of the Church of the Holy Cross of Dover, Delaware convened a Right to Life Committee. Their goal was to develop a viable, practical alternative to abortion for single mothers facing unplanned pregnancies. Committee members believed that, with encouragement and support, single parents could obtain the education and life skills needed to provide for their families and avoid long-term dependence on the welfare system. The vision was to establish a service organization based on reciprocity: clients would receive free childcare services while pursuing their education; in return, they would be required to maintain passing grades, receive parenting and other life skills training, and support the organization through volunteer service.

Through hard work, perseverance, and faith in God, the wheels were set in motion for the establishment of Mom’s House of Dover. We welcomed our first clients in 1995, using space donated by the First Presbyterian Church of Dover. Over time our organization expanded and, after occupying a succession of temporary facilities, Mom’s House moved to its current permanent location at 864 South State Street in Dover. In our homelike facility, dedicated staff and volunteers provide exceptional care to children from birth to age four in a safe and nurturing environment.

For over 25 years, Mom’s House has provided free care to children of single parents in the greater Dover area, while providing their parents with life skills training, academic monitoring, and counseling. Since our inception, over 300 clients have successfully completed their programs of study and pursued careers in teaching, nursing, accounting, the insurance industry, medical technology, engineering, and physical therapy.