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Mom's House of Dover
P.O. Box 1138
Dover, DE 19903

Phone: (302) 678-8688

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Mom's House, Inc. of Dover
864 South State
Dover, DE 19901



Mom's House offers single parents the opportunity to continue their education by providing childcare services free of charge.

Mom's House combines a professional staff with qualified volunteers to operate a licensed daycare center.

Our director runs the daily operation of Mom's House of Dover as well as manages and coordinates all aspects of the program.

Mom's House maintains a 3:1 child/staff ratio. The dedicated individuals create the loving atmosphere for which Mom's House is known.

Parents who are enrolled as clients in the program must be:

  • Single, widowed or divorced

  • Registered as a full-time student at either high school or college

  • Unable to otherwise afford such an opportunity

For more information, call 302-678-8688



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